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Description of Voyage 4

Travel on Russian roads with 12 Russian cars + 4 German cars, get to the ferry in the Crimea
Start your trip in Russia from Magadan to the Crimea.
- Hometown and signs based on real-world tracks: P504 "Kolyma" M7 "Volga" M5 "Ural" M51 "Baikal". Some historic memorials.
- Realistic physics and accurate specifications of all cars (including the torque graphs and the gear ratios). Working devices in each machine + 100% realistic lighting. Mirrors. Lights. Thoroughly researched the driver's hands. Only in this game driver controls steering wheel and instruments so realistic!
- More than 30 tuning parts for each machine (on foreign cars less) based on real-life parts. Now, not only the engine but also the wheels, xenon and other functional!
- Detailed cars sounds, and now the game has an visual tuning!
- 6 popular Russian car + 2 german cars. Later new cars will be added!
- Now the game has road turns, fork and hills.
- In comparison with Russian Driver 2: Baikal schedule has been greatly improved.
- Russian traffic area number of regions.
- Dynamic time, clouds, day and night, different weather (including rain).
- A lot of settings and a special console for precise optimization.
Compete with other players!
Show the best result of acceleration 0-100 kmh on the test range and compare it with other users online. Hit the top players with your tuned car!
Our group in VK which publishes updates on the game:
Answers to frequently asked questions
Why play permissions to phone calls?
The game is permitted read-only information about the device. Permits reading of contacts, sending SMS, direct calls to the game does not used. Game use device ID to protect information from cheating.
No other action is taken. But it is recommended not to download the game from other places besides PlayStore or trusted sites.
I can not start from the parking lot / I bet on the invisible walls
This problem may be devices with 512 MB of RAM if a shortage of storage VBO data. Especially in combination with the single-core Mali-400 or PowerVR SGX531.
Textures of road/foewst are blurred
GPU your driver is likely not support the resolution on the anisotropic filtering. the problem happens on devices with Mali-400, even today often. Depending on the firmware.
Can I play without internet or Google Play service?
Yes, you can play without a network. But you can not save you result and see other players results in google play.
The game has access to my Google Account?
No, the game only sends a link to your account on Google. Access to an account can not be granted.
The game can not be downloaded / installed
If not downloaded the possible way is close PlayStore application and cleaning of its data help.
Maybe device need more free memory.
sometimes lost connection with Google Play
You have to wait or restart the game.
Do I have to get off until the end of the polygon to show results?
No, it is enough to speed to 100 km/h, and the result will be automatically saved. To go further is not necessary.

Version history Voyage 4
New in Voyage 4 2.11
Compliance with google security requirements.
New in Voyage 4 2.10
Critical bug fixes.
New in Voyage 4 2.08
Networking bug fixes.
Added freeride network mode.
Added volume level control.
New in Voyage 4 2.07
New Lada Vesta look (more real).
Corrected models of other machines.
Some bug fixes.
Download the new version if you want to play online.
New in Voyage 4 2.06
Critical error fixing.
New in Voyage 4 2.05
Critical bugs was fixed.
Removed links to non-existent content.
Removed links to irrelevant content.
New in Voyage 4 2.04
Fixed over 100 errors.
Traffic optimization.
Road accidents optimization.
Another network protocol.
Free cybertruck and tow truck without ads.
User avatars above machines in online games.
New in Voyage 4 2.03
New online map, viewing platform at Moscow State University.
New autoparts for Volga.
Many bugfixes.
Removed temporarily unused buttons.
Added hints and improved interface.
The number of stars per race has been changed: now a lot of stars are awarded for circuit races.
New in Voyage 4 2.02
Added many spare parts for Cybertrack and other tuning cars.
Added Volga Coupe V8.
Easy revision 2107, more realistic sound of the turbine, etc.
Correction of some errors.
New painting style (frosted chameleon)
Added a simple and quick game chat in server.
New in Voyage 4 2.01
2 cars added: Racing Granta and Cybertruck.
Crimean Bridge is now available for playing online.
Fixed several errors with access to the server.
Improved display of servers and players.
Other bugs fixed.
New in Voyage 4 1.99
Fixed errors related to online.
Fixed errors associated with lowered suspension.
Fixed crashes and some others.
Removed ads in online games.
Some changes.
New in Voyage 4 1.95
FIXED: disappearing wheels.
FIXED: fading reflections.
New in Voyage 4 1.92
3 new control schemes
new options for traffic
working handbrake
new options for setting quality, optimization for Mali
option reduced buttons
traffic optimization and traffic machine shaders
flicker removed
+correction of about 20 errors
New in Voyage 4 1.35
New car:
Lada Niva Urban on branded Grizzly discs with a branded radio tape recorder.
Fixed many bugs in other cars.
"Winter Style".
New in Voyage 4 1.32
Off-road package on the UAZ (mud wheels, arches, two different trunks, etc.)
Bug fixes (UAZ, ZIL, the Crimean bridge is available again, the position of the sun on the levels, etc.)
Simplifying the first snake in the tester
Other smaller bug fixes
New in Voyage 4 1.27
+ Kamaz
+ Crimean bridge with night lighting
+ x5 vinyl
+2106 vinyl
+ repair wheels m5
+ correction of drifts in the tester
+ Correction of non-performing vinyls (Gelika hood)
+ better quality standard wheels on Uaz
+ fixed some graphical bugs
+ Fixed the position of devices in the cabs, etc.
+ New style of painting with sparkles (sparks) - on weak devices it can lag
-priora temporarily can not be repainted (this will be fixed later)
New in Voyage 4 1.18
Lada Vesta now support decals (stickers) + color (via console)For example, select Vesta in garage, write in console "color FF0000" (witout quotes)- car will be red.00FF00 is green, and 0000FF is blue. Etc.Vaz 2101 color support (via console) is similar to Vesta.Correction of a decal on a vase 2101Correction of "itchy" wheels on Granta.
New in Voyage 4 1.17
VAZ2101 now supports custom stickers (decals)Fixed errors in the position of the wheels of tuned suspensions.Minor improvements.Dyno stand erro fixed.How to install custom decals see our group: vk.com/voyage4
New in Voyage 4 1.16
-sport+bpan suspension bugfix-ABS added to FWD-cars
New in Voyage 4 1.14
Added 2 cars (1 secret car), 4 new levels+offroad, dynostand, some autoparts.Fixed many little bug.
New in Voyage 4 1.08
ADDEDNew car Lada 2106FIXEDPolygon measurementLada Granta lookSome small errors..
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